"Fun, Fun, And More Fun"

By: JR. M.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  The storm I remember was the blizzard of 1996. It was the biggest I've ever seen, or remembered. There was so much snow I couldn't even see out my window. I was so excited. This was my first huge snowstorm, and I planned to take advantage of it.

  My brother and I raced liked lighting outside. As soon as we got outside the force of the wind almost demolished us. The first thing we tired to do was play football. That seemed like an impossible task. The wind was blowing everything all over the place. My face felt like I stuck it in a freezer, and I couldn't get it out. That didn't bother me though. We started to play football and it was hard, but exciting. We weren't very tall so we threw the football in the snow and dug it out, back and forth, until some one scored.

  After we played football my mom made us some hot chocolate. The smooth and hot chocolate made me feel a feeling to good to explain.

  Today was I excellent day. I had the mast amount of fun I could ever remember. As I laid in my bed that night I thought of the most excited things I've every done, and this was one of them!