"Disastrous Vacation Out West"

By: Devon G.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  Only four years ago, although it seems like just yesterday to me, I went on a vacation out west. At the time I was nine years old and had never been out of Pennsylvania before so having the chance to go across the entire country was going to be quite an adventure. It was August second and my family and I woke up at two o'clock in the morning. We finished packing all our final essentials and did a check to make sure we didn't forget anything. We were not coming home for a week and three days.

  Ohio and Illinois were very boring to me because mostly of what I saw was cornfields. Within three to four days we reached our final destination which was Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. After a long search to find our little campsite, we unpacked, set up camp and went for dinner at a fancy restaurant.

  After we had finished our dinner we went in the basement where they were having a band play Irish music. We stayed for about and hour and a half and then decided to go home. We walked out side and it was bitter cold even though when we went in the restaurant it was almost 55degrees F. It was extremely foggy outside and if you held out your hand in front of your face it was hard to see. It took my mom, dad, and I and twenty minutes just to find our bright, red, Ford Aerostar van in the medium sized parking lot.

  We started up the car and began to drive home in the pitch-black darkness. Since we were up high in the mountains there were not many good paved roads. We drove at two miles and hour along a barren, narrow, skinny, bumpy road along a cliff's edge. Even with our headlights on on high beam we could not see the road in front of us. Finally we found our way back to the campsite.

  During the middle of the night when we were camping in our tent the fierce winds blew our tent over. We rushed out to the van and slept in the van overnight. The powerful winds brushed tree branches against our van window and made a screeching sound. I was little so I was frightened. I screamed and cried. Suddenly, it began to hale. One of the hailstones broke our window. My family and I huddled together in the center of the van so the glass wouldn't cut us.

  In the morning we were fine. The only damage was that our van had been dented, a window had been broken and our tent had been torn. I am glad we survived our treacherous vacation out west.