"Blizzard of 96"

By: Christine L.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  One time a couple years ago we had a really big snowstorm. It was the Blizzard of 96 in January or February. I remember it was the first blizzard I was ever in. It lasted about a week or two. When we came to school it was freezing in the morning but nothing was happening. Except, that it was pretty windy out, that made it even colder. When we came home it started snowing a little bit. Then it was snowing a lot and I was very excited, because it didn't snow that much around here in a while.

  I was about eight or nine years old at that time. The next day we didn't have school because there was too much snow. I think there was about 6 inches on the ground. It kept snowing throughout that day, stopping maybe for a few minutes at a time. It was freezing outside and there was sudden gusts of wind that made it even colder. The wind would just come and go, it would last for about one minute. When the wind did come I became very cold because I was already wet from the snow.

  My friends and I had so much fun playing outside. We would always build little forts in the snow. After you make it, you sit in it and it would be really warm inside. When fast winds came we would dive in them with just our heads in. We did that because the wind wouldn't blow inside. The snow packed together stopped the force of the wind from getting through. The snow just kept falling the rest of the week. It would stop every once in a while but it would still be cold out. It was one of the best times I have ever had before.