"Hurricane Floyd: Not To Be Forgotten"

By: Sarah V.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  Hurricane Floyd was an exciting experience for my family and me. It began on the bus ride home from school.

  My family lives in a very hilly area and it was on one of the hills that we got stuck on. The snow was only a couple of inches thick but our minivan couldn't grip the road so we stared to peel out and slide backward down the hill.

  The bus was crowded and stuffy. The rain was pouring down outside. It forcefully hit the windows. As we traveled over the flooded creek, terrified screams were heard from the frightened teens. The bottom of the bridge was submerged under raging water. The powerful surges began to overtake it. The roads rapidly started flooding. We were lucky the bus ride was soon over.

  When I arrived home I was surprised to see visitors in my house. My mom explained to me that we were going to shelter our friends for the night because their house was flooded. I could tell by their faces that they were tremendously worried.

  Through the treacherous weather, we decided to walk. My friend was almost swept away in the force of the waters on the street. We quickly decided to hurry to higher land.

  Soon, only my mom and I continued to trudge on. The others had given up and started heading for home. The weather worsened and we ourselves were forced to start toward our house. Both our legs were becoming numb from walking so far in the stinging rain.

  We were all impressed by the power of the hurricane, Floyd.