"Live in a Storm"

By: Mike D.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  I remember a terrible blizzard this past year that dumped 2 feet of snow in Aston. This was the first major snowfall in a long time so it took my family by surprise. It was on a Sunday around 6:00 PM and my family and I were driving over to friends' house for a Superbowl party when the snow started falling.

  My family lives in a very hilly area and it was on one of the hills that we got stuck on. The snow was only a couple of inches thick but our minivan couldn't grip the road so we stared to peel out and slide backward down the hill.

  I could smell the tires burning and hear the engine stressing itself. People were honking and yelling at us. The wind was blowing and I could hear tree limbs cracking. My three sisters were getting hysterical from all this chaos. Soon my mom lost control and started yelling. All I could see was white. My only worry was hitting another car, but that seemed the least of my dad's worries. He had to make sure to get us home safely. He finally got us up the hill only to find that trees had fallen from the wind and blocked the road.

  As much as I wanted to go to the party, we had to turn around. So I watched the Superbowl at home with my family that night. The next day I got to play in the snow that had been so dangerous last night. I also got a look at all of the damage the storm had done. Tree limbs were everywhere, power lines were down. Yet it looked so cool all seeing all white everywhere.