"Hurricane Floyd"

By: Michelle O.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  I distinctively remember a few months ago when Hurricane Floyd hit. Around Aston, Pennsylvania we got many hours of pouring rain. Some people's homes were flooded. I didn't have any major problems, but a few of my friends did.

  Because of the storm, my school let all of the students out early. My dad came to take my friend Jess and I home. We ran through the harsh pouring rain and into the car. Soaked, my hair dripped all over the seat.

  My dad decided that we would pick up my brother Jeff and Jess' brother Bob from their elementary school. For about eight minutes, we slowly drove through the storm until we finally reached Aston Elementary.

  Jess and I ran as quick as we could into the school. Many panicking teachers ran around trying to figure out what they could do to help. Jess and I patiently stood waiting for Jeff and Bob to come down.

  Ten minutes passed, and finally Jeff and Bob came down from their classrooms. All four of us ram as fast as we could out into the car with my dad.

  On our way home, my dad remembered our friends the Kenworthys may need help. They had a creek in their backyard that could easily overflow and flood into their home.

  We began on our way to the Kenworthy's house. The creeks along the road rapidly began to overflow. The puddles made it very difficult for us to get through. The winds were blowing hard and you could see fallen trees floating down the creek.

  When we finally got there the creek was flooding up throughout their backyard. It was only about twenty feet from their house. We stood in their porch trying to think of things to do. Their shed was floating down away from their hone. We decided we would life all of their furniture up into the upstairs before the water got in.

  My dad and Mrs. Kenworthy went downstairs and brought the furniture up in to the center of their living room. We stayed upstairs and held the door open. Mrs. Kenworthy's sons talked with us hoping that their father would come home shortly.

  We offered for the Kenworthys to spend the night at our house, but they didn't think that they would be able to get home in time for the morning. We left their house and drove Jess and Bob home. Many roads were blocked and by the time we got home in was pitch dark outside.

  As we walked in the door, the phone began to ring; it was my friend Karly. Her ceiling had leaked and her basement was flooded. My family and I went over to her house and lifted the water out of the room. Bucket by bucket it took hours.

  Karly's family spent the night next door to my house because that is her grandma's house. The Kenworthys stayed at their house for the night.

  We finally got home and settled in for the night. You could hear the pounding wind on the windows. Fear gripped me at the horrifying sounds. The rain poured heavily on the roof. I felt as if my house was going to fall apart.

  I went up into my room and tried to fall asleep. My house creaked and seemed to shake. The wild winds whistled throughout the dark stormy air. All night I sat awake frightened by the horrible sound of the storm located right outside my bedroom window.

  When morning finally came, the rain stopped. Winds had slowed down a bit and the roads were becoming less flooded. Days passed and soon everything was back to normal.