"Hurricane Floyd"

By: Kristen T.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  When hurricane Floyd hit in the month of September in 1999, my family and I were all in our house and had candles lit all around the house because the electricity went out for about five hours.

  Since Creek Road is down the street from my house, we walked down the street to see how bad it was flooded because Chester Creek had gotten filled up with water and flooded the road. Every time we walked down the street, the water was rising up the street (Lincoln Drive) further and further each time. The houses along Creek Road were almost flooded to the very top.

  Our basement had about five inches of water in it from the rain we had gotten. We had to light a big lantern to give us a lot of light and we had nothing to do so we played card games and had family conversations.

  We didn't think we would have school the next day, but when we walked down the street the next morning all the water had disappeared and the creek level was back to normal. We had a two-hour delay from school and Creek Road had been closed for the day. Some of the buses had trouble driving to school, but mine didn't.