"Hurricane Floyd"

By: Kim M.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  In September 1999, this school year we were hit by a category 4 a hurricane. Its name was hurricane Floyd. It came up the eastern coast. It began to rain in the morning, and we still went to school that day knowing that there was a hurricane warning. Then there was an announcement in second period that we would get sent home at the end of third period.

  While we were driving home on the bus and we had to be calm because my bus driver was very worried about driving in such conditions. We went by Chester Creek and you can usually see rocks in it, but due to the powerful heavy rain it was extremely high and you probably couldn't stand up!

  We finally reached my stop, I took one foot of the bus the rain blinded my face, and when I looked down the water was up to my ankles! I got a ride home even though I lived just around the corner!

  I got home and my pants were soaked and I was only outside for barely a minute! My daddy was already home because his office closed early. But then the power went out. Our basement flooded because we use an electric pump. The water soon went up to my ankles in my basement, but we knew that would happen so we got all of our valuables out of the basement. My daddy decided he would ask our neighbor up the street if he could borrow a generator to help pump the water out of the basement. The pump worked well but we knew we would have a lot to clean up.

   I walked up to my friend Marcy's house and her basement flooded too! We decided to get out of our parent's way so we took our shoes and socks off and went walking out in the rain in our bare feet! While we were trudging in the three-inch high rain, we were getting blown all around with the force of the wind. After a while we went into Marcy's backyard and because there was a creek right next to it, the entire backyard was flooded! She also has a big ditch, which wouldn't help the situation, that dips about five feet and that was half way full!

  Afterwards I decided I was really cold and so Marcy and I went back to my house and played cards as we watch the horrible rain pour down on our little street.

  As the sun began to go down we were in total darkness except for the candles so I sat down with my little flashlight and read my book. I think that all of the residents of Brookhaven were extremely impressed with the force of hurricane Floyd.