"Live at a Storm"

By: Tony S.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  One storm I remember precisely was in the spring of 1997. It was a hailstorm that just lasted over five minutes. I was at my baseball game with my dad and two of my brothers.

  We had just started my game and it started raining, so we went in the dugouts and waited for it to stop. As we were waiting we saw a bolt of lightning and the game was immediately over.

  All the families began walking away to their cars as it started hailing. The hail was a little smaller than golf balls. We ran to the snack bar and everyone huddled under the roof hanging over the snack bar. I was excited.

  The hail stopped and the rain began to pour down. We remained under the roof until the rain stopped. Once the rain stopped we ran out into the puddles of water and piles of hail.

  My friends and I picked up pieces of the somewhat melted hail and threw them at each other. The hail didn't hurt because it was already a little melted. It was extremely fun.

  Afterwards I thought that I should have been scared, since I was never in hailstorm before, but instead I enjoyed it. My dad took my brothers and my neighbor home, and then it started raining again, but not as hard. I actually enjoyed the hailstorm.