"Whoa Floyd!"

By: Kelsea K.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  One dramatic weather experience I can remember is Hurricane Floyd. It hit us in the Delaware Valley in mid September. It caused dramatic floods in creeks and streams all over. We received an announcement in second period (about 10:00 a.m.) that we would be let out of school early, after third period (11:15 a.m.). As soon as my neighbor and I got off of the bus, we took one giant step onto the curb and over a puddle of ankle deep water. We then took our socks and shoes off to walk home. The water was cold, but we had gotten used to it by the time we had gotten home. My mom was off that day. My dad had gotten out of work early due to the flooding of buildings around the one he was working on. After I got off of the bus my mom and I went to pick up my brother at Coebourn Elementary School. We were lucky that our house didn't get flooded. There were many flooded houses near my house.

  After the rain stopped my mom and I drove around to see what damage Floyd had done. Brookhaven Pool was completely flooded, so was the creek across the street from it.

  My whole family was scared about our grandparents. My mom immediately called her parents and my dad called his to see if they wanted to come over. They both said no thank you and that their houses weren't in any danger of being flooded. Nobody we really knew was flooded or had serious damage done to his or her home. I guess this was the outcome of the very serious drought we had this summer. All of the water we received from Floyd lifted our summer long drought.