"Hurricane Floyd"

By: Kelly C.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  They're all different kinds of storms. I have been caught in a blizzard before, a rainstorm and that is about it. But one time I experienced a hurricane. This was another time I was caught in a storm. When I tried to run the opposing way of the storm, I could barely move: tried was the keyword. I didn't know when it would stop the storm just got worse.

  I was outside, in the middle of fall September to be exact. The night before I had watched the news. There was a hurricane warning: Hurricane Floid. It said it might as well come to where I lived. I didn't know what to do. I looked outside the clouds were cirrus, these were storm clouds. I had never been in a hurricane before; I didn't know what to think. The next night came. I had gotten out of school early that day.

  When the storm came, the force of the wind blew every thing every where. My next door neighbor's trashcans tumbled down the street. Trash was blowing everywhere. The prodigious wind made me feel as if I was going to be swooped off the ground. Someone I know had been lifted by the wind when she was small. Everywhere I stepped, my shoe filled with water. I stayed in my house for protection against the wicked wind. My parents would not let me venture outside. The roads resembled rivers that night. I thought it was going to flood.

  Suddenly a tree that had been in front of my house for decades fell it was ruined. It was a very big tree. So I was surprised when it fell.

  I did not expect to have school tomorrow because of the damage but I watched my school' channel and it said that all schools would have a two hour delay. That day my father would chop the remains of our tree down and put it on the curb to be thrown away. But finally I had survived my very first and hopefully only hurricane in my life.