"Hurricane Floyd"

By: Kayla P.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  A large storm I lived through was Hurricane Floyd. It occurred during September 1999. I was at my aunt's house when the large storm started attaching Pennsylvania. My mother and father came to pick me up early because the rain was getting horribly worse. Tree branches were falling all over and the wind was blowing very hard, we ran out to the truck and my father said to not worry we were going strait home.

  Instead of going home my father took us to the park because he wanted to try out his new four-wheel drive system in the truck. My mom was screaming because she wanted to go home. So my father asked if he could just do one spin in the truck. My mom looked at him like he was nuts. The wind outside was blowing harder than ever and the rain was blowing all over the place because of the force of the wind.

  "Fine," my mom said. My dad went down the big hill, which we were on to get down to the baseball field. Then he started spinning because of the extremely powerful wind and the mud. After a while we finally stopped and my brother was so scared he started crying.

  "Can we please go home?" my brother asked.

  So my dad started to back up, but the truck wouldn't move. We were stuck!!

  My dad said that we had to walk. We stepped out of the car and started walking, but the wind was so fierce we could barley walk. All of a sudden my brother slipped and fell. He started rolling down the hill. But my dad caught up to him; picked him up and walked back up the hill.

  We finally got home but we were at leased knee high in water. We walked inside and dried off and went to bed.

  From that day on we would never forgot what happened the night of the terrible hurricane Floyd!!