"Hurricane Floyd"

By: Josh S.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  In the prime of hurricane season Hurricane Floyd raged up the East coast hitting and destroying a lot of the eastern coast. It was a very powerful hurricane that was potentially dangerous, and it turned out to be. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  The rain was pouring down making a thumping noise all over my home. It really started coming down right in the middle of first period. We had gotten off school early because of the excessive rain amount that Floyd had produced. I decided to walk home with my friend John Spires. We got SOAKED!!!!! We stepped in puddles that were a foot deep and were really cold. We reached my house we dried off and waited for my mom to get home. When she got home my mom took us to see the raging creek water take over a nearby bridge. Logs were crashing, smashing the bridge and police were everywhere making sure no one got hurt.

  The winds were so bad, they were pushing me around, fighting them was extremely hard and took a lot of energy. The antenna from my brother's car was ripped off and thrown down the street about one hundred yards. That night houses flooded , roads were streams and my family now owned lake front property. The next day we had a two hour delay for school.

  After school we went to see the immense damage that had been done by Hurricane Floyd. Trees were ripped down, woods were cleared, fields were ruined, and houses were flooded and I had survived my first hurricane, Hurricane Floyd.