Hurricanes... tornadoes... winter storms... El Niño and La Niña... no matter where you live weather and climate impact your daily existence, but all of us don't experience the same types of weather. We'd like to invite you to serve as a weather "expert" in your own area. If you live on the East Coast you can serve as an expert about hurricanes and Nor'easters. If you live along Tornado Alley you can share your tornado experiences. If you live in the Southern states you're invited to tell us about the severe drought which has gripped your area. Were you affected by Floyd, or did you experience the freakishly powerful Oklahoma City tornadoes last spring, or are you a member of one of the farm families affected by drought, or flood--or by any other severe weather event... if so, please share your experiences. As our project develops, we plan to include student-to-student interaction focused on weather, making the WWW the "WIDE WORLD OF WEATHER" and allowing you to learn from other student's experiences.

   Your teacher will have more information about this activity, and we urge you to work with him or her if this sounds interesting!

Stories from Northley Middle School, Aston, PA

A Frightening Storm Experience: Jessica C.

A Storm to Remember: Amber D.

Rain and Tornadoes: Amy M.

Run For Cover: Christie A.

Blizzard of 96: Christine L.

Disastrous Vacation Out West: Devon G.

Hurricane Floyd: Bill W.

Fun, Fun, And More Fun: JR. M.

Tornadoes: Fierce Storms: Jen L.

Hurricane Floyd: Josh S.

Hurricane Floyd: Kayla P.

Hurricane Floyd: Kelly C.

Hurricane Floyd: Kelly N.

Whoa Floyd!: Kelsea K.

Live at a Storm: Tony S.

Hurricane Floyd: Kim M.

Hurricane Floyd: Kristen T.

The Disaster of Hurricane Floyd: Lisa C.

Hurricane Floyd: Michelle O.

Live in a Storm: Mike D.

Hurricane Floyd: Not To Be Forgotten: Sarah V.