1 "Twister!" Tornadoes may pack winds of over 300 mph.

12 The Antarctic ozone hole

2 Floods are, along with extreme heat and cold, one of the most deadly of all weather events.

13 The Sun, the most important influence on Earth's weather.

3 Drought causes lakes to dry out, resulting in cracked mud.

14 Bos'n of the NOAA ship, Ka'imimoana.

4 "Fire weather"--one more phenomenon the NWS hopes to forecast better with new technology.

15 Checking weather instruments... in a blizzard!

5 "DOW", "Doppler On Wheels", used to study tornadoes.

16 Some winter storms pack as much energy as hurricanes.

6 Ship operated by the NOAA Corps, the nation's smallest uniformed service.

17 NOAA research helps makes aviation safer.

7 NOAA's Gulfstream IV, used to map the winds which steer hurricanes.

18 Snow survey to see predict spring runoff.

8 Ready to launch a new GOES satellite.

19 GOES in space (see NESDIS Site Tour.)

9 Balloon observations still provide essential data.

20 Radome over the NSSL building, Norman, OK.

10 Deploying a SST (Sea Surface Temperature) buoy in the Pacific.

21 El Nino--unusually warm water off South America.

11 A WSR-88D (Doppler radar) dish inside its radome.

22 NOAA's P-3 hurricane hunter aircraft.