During the program that aired April 11, 2000, from 13:00-14:00 Eastern, and for one hour thereafter (i.e. from 13:00-15:00 Eastern), students had the opportunity to submit questions in real time to storm researchers and received back individual answers via e-mail, again in real time.

   Visit our "TIPS FOR TEACHERS ABOUT WHAT MAKES FOR A 'GOOD' QUESTION" for some suggestions about practical and productive ways to use ON-AIR with your class. Also check out the Teacher Tips section for comments from teachers who have used ON-AIR with their students. You'll find comments about how to make the process work out well, as well as testimonials as to the educational efficacy of this opportunity for direct, real-time interaction with some of the nation's leading weather and climate researchers.

   PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE is very grateful to the researchers at all participating NOAA and other centers and labs., and our other expert volunteers, for generously contributing their time and knowledge to support this unique service.

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View the FAQ from the April 11, 2000 broadcast!