("INTERACT" will be available to participating students and teachers during the 2001-2002 school year.)    As the name indicates, INTERACT is the primary way for students and teachers to find out all the latest about the project, communicate with each other, peer-to-peer, and work together on exciting online collaborative projects.

RESEARCHER Q&A and ON-AIR are two different ways for students to send questions to NOAA and NASA weather and climate researchers and get back individual answers. Click on the link to see how one works in real-time and one asynchronously, enabling "anytime, anywhere" curiosity. We've also posted some tips for how to make the most of this great learning opportunity.

WEBCHATS allow real-time, text-based interaction via a simple web interface: LIVE FROM THE STORM will be offering special chats for both teachers and students.

URL POST provides links to background and expand the content of the LIVE FROM THE STORM videos with the best of the vast weather and climate resources already online, and will be activated about one week before the broadcasts.

INTERACT--it's one of P2K's most unique collection of opportunities, and we hope you'll dive right in and... interact!