Greetings, educators in schools or at home, to LIVE FROM THE STORM!

   On behalf of P2K Executive Producer Erna Akuginow, Online Moderator Eileen Bendixsen, and myself, I'd like to welcome you to this new project on weather and climate, 9th in the ongoing series of interactive learning adventures from PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE. We think that with just about every school covering these topics in some grade between upper elementary and freshman in high school, this should be one of our most exciting and appealing projects yet. We hope for widespread participation from across the nation and even around the world. We'd love, in turn, to hear from you, via DISCUSS-STORM, about how the project is working in your class or home school environment.

   This section of the website is designed to provide you with the greater detail a teacher needs if she or he, he or she, is implementing LIVE FROM THE STORM with students. We think of you as "virtual collaborators" with P2K in making the project come to life as an engaging learning experience.

OVERVIEW provides a step-by-step description of the project, and is a more pedagogically-oriented tour than the more technical outline provided by TOUR.

TEACHER'S GUIDE provides an overview of this key LFSTORM component, one that has always been highly rated by participants in previous projects. Here you can find what's included in the online Guide, in the handy printed version (fee, including an oversize color poster, shipping and handling), and in the Teacher Resource Kit with its hour-long orientation video (fee). You can order tapes of the broadcasts once aired, as well as all other project components. And, after mid-February, you can also browse the entire Guide and worksheets online in convenient PDF format (free Reader software required.)

TEACHER TIPS provides practical advice from the real experts in such matters, fellow classroom teachers, who know what motivates real students in real classrooms to learn and achieve. We hope many of you will share what works in this forum!

STANDARDS We intend that LIVE FROM THE STORM be much more than just an add-on or supplement, a luxury to take or leave. Past projects have shown P2K Modules serve as valuable curriculum replacement units equivalent to chapters in textbooks, but sometimes even offering much more than print alone can ever do. For you (and your Administration) to know that's true, you need to see how national and state standards correlate with what we're offering. That's what this section will provides (after mid-February), with a full chart showing how each Activity meets one or more national standards, and with interactive checklists linking LFSTORM with most, if not all, state frameworks and guidelines.

RESULTS links you to the full, NSF-supported evaluation of 2 previous P2K projects, LIVE FROM MARS and LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA 2, and provides hard evidence of student outcomes as well as useful and revealing comments from teachers like yourselves.

Lastly, CLASSROOM CONNECTION is a place for you to "hang" superior student work online, to delight your students, inspire their peers and interest YOUR peers perhaps to post their own students' creations.

   So, once again, welcome to LIVE FROM THE STORM. It's been a great experience working with our new partners in NOAA and keeping in touch with long-time P2K supporters within NASA. We've flown through hurricanes, visited the Ivory Coast, seen what it's like when tornadoes touch down... and we haven't even aired any of the programs yet! We hope some of our excitement for these topics, and our admiration for the men and women who try to understand weather and climate, shines through.

  We're glad to be working with you on behalf of innovative science education and look forward to making this a rewarding project for all participants. On behalf of the entire PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE team,


Onward and Upwards,

Geoff Haines-Stiles Project Director,
PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE and the LIVE FROM specials January 2000