Here's where you can find a brief overview of the entire LIVE FROM THE STORM project and all its component materials and experiences, as well as background on the ongoing PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE series, and on the organizations and individuals who have made it possible whether by institutional support or by hard work in creating the resources.

   ABOUT LFSTORM (we had to economize on typing and retyping the longer title somehow!) describes the project's integrated video, hands-on and online resources, and functions as a kind of general introduction for first-time visitors to this site. Soon we'll add a more "webby" tour in, as you'd expect, the TOUR section! (Classroom teachers will find additional details in the OVERVIEW sub-section of the EDUCATORS area.) ABOUT LFSTORM walks you through the rich menu we offer and, we hope, invites you to choose some options that appeal.

   ABOUT P2K describes our ongoing PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE project, creator of the PASSPORT TO WEATHER AND CLIMATE Module of which LIVE FROM THE STORM is part. There are descriptions of how the different media all contribute unique opportunities, illustrated with examples from LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA, LIVE FROM MARS, LIVE FROM THE RAINFOREST and LIVE FROM THE HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE. Here you can read comments from teachers and students who've been part of previous projects, and find out what they liked about their experiences. The 3 main sections, Video, Hands-on and Online are joined by a 4th and equally important item--Results. This area, plus the RESULTS section of EDUCATORS, shares some objective measures showing that P2K projects help improve student learning outcomes and improve attitudes to science and high technology.

   CREDITS acknowledges our sponsors and supporters, without whom LIVE FROM THE STORM would not be possible, and the creative staff--educators, media designers and developers, video producers, and researcher-consultants--who have been working hard for many months to bring this new way of experiencing weather and climate to you. If you like what you see and read, let us know (via CONTACT) and if you've any suggestions for improvement, "we're all ears" as one candidate in a previous presidential season memorably said!