Our star not only brings us light and life, it's also fascinated humans throughout history: we worshipped it as a god, tracked its passage across our skies, and tried to understand it and predict its behavior. Click on the images below to find out more about the cultural and historical aspects of our Sun.

History of Sunspots: history of the discovery of sunspots including sunspot drawings from the early scientists.

First Telescopes: background information on the discovery of the telescope and pictures of the early telescopes.


Great Moments in the History of Solar Physics: chronicles developments and discoveries through 1860. Includes drawings from early scientists and links to additional information.

Important Astronomers, their Instruments and Discoveries: traces the history of the important astronomers and their instruments and discoveries from 1500 BC to 1811.

Images of Old Telescopes: you will find photographs of old telescopes in the collections of members of the Antique Telescope Society.