Z d e n k a  S m i t h
Research Physicist
Space Environment Center, NOAA, Boulder, CO

Next, I send out an e-mail message to all interested, and wait to see what happens. Usually others in our group report on the information they see with complementary instruments. For the next few days, we discuss what we actually think happened. We are keeping track of each case, and will use this information to determine the usefulness of these models, or the situations where they gave good/bad predictions. We are also building up a database that can be used to test other such models.

This is only a part of my work. I am also looking at other potential forecasting techniques, using high-energy-particle L1 (Ed. note: the Lagrange point, one million miles from Earth, where the SOHO and ACE spacecraft orbit, balanced by the pull of Earth's and the Sun's gravity) and satellite data. I have also worked (and plan to continue to work) on numerical modeling of these processes. Much time, of course, is taken in gathering and compiling the data.
Sunset high above Boulder

What I like about my work

I enjoy many things about my work, the challenges, such as puzzle solving; my co-workers at SEC and around the world; the chance to travel, although having family in Europe (and soon in Japan) I do this anyway. What don't I like? Computers manage to frustrate me periodically; but how satisfying it is when they do what I want!

My husband and I live in Boulder, CO and we have 2 daughters. By this July, both will have Master's degrees (Electrical Engineering and Education) and be married. We enjoy sports, travel and volunteer work, and of course our family and friends!

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