T h o m a s  R i m m e l e
Site Director
National Solar Observatory, Sacramento Peak

How did I end up on top of a mountain in New Mexico?

I grew up in a little village near Lake Constance in the South of Germany. It's a beautiful area that you should visit if you have a chance. I went to local elementary and high schools. Actually, the high school I went to was focused more on teaching economics and business administration than science. Well, a career path isn't always a straight line.

As a teenager I enjoyed playing soccer, basketball and volleyball. I also spent a lot of time playing the saxophone and the guitar in various bands. Playing music paid part of my way through college and was a lot of fun too. At the end of high school I decided that I was really more interested in science, in particular physics, than economics so I went to the University of Freiburg, Germany to get a degree in physics.

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