L y n d s a y  F l e t c h e r
Solar Physicist
Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, Palo Alto, California

The Sun, as seen in close up by spacecraft carrying Lockheed-built instruments.

The Sun is a beautiful, intricate, complicated, mysterious thing; but in this job it is easy to intellectualize it too much. It is easy to forget that this thing we look at on our computer screens every day, and argue about, and describe with equations, is a STAR and it is HUGE and unimaginably powerful and RIGHT UP THERE! I hope I'll always be amazed by the Sun. When I stop saying "Wow!" I'll stop doing solar physics.

Some Personal Info

My two favorite hobbies are going hill walking in Scotland (which is not so easy to do, being here in California) and singing, which I do with a local choir, who give regular performances. I appreciate the huge variety of pastimes and the weather that the Bay Area provides, but I miss Europe’s beautiful old cities (where the car doesn’t quite rule, yet), museums, and cafe society! I get back there whenever I can, and also to Scotland (nowhere is more beautiful on a sunny day) to see my parents and my sister and brother who all still live in Glasgow.

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