J o h n  L e i b a c h e r
National Solar Observatory, Tucson, Arizona


I "work" in sunny Tucson, Arizona trying to figure out what the Sun is. I put work in quotes because it is a LOT of fun!! As you know by now from the "Live From The Sun" web site, the Sun is a star and by better understanding it we can use it as a stepping stone to understand the billions and billions of other stars, which are just mere points of light in the night sky, to grapple with questions like "where did we come from", "why are we here", and "where are we going"?

These are pretty heavy questions (!!) and, personally I sleep better at night with some sort of an answer - although if there's one thing that I'm sure of it's that today's answers are just the beginning. We're explorers, and we really don't know where we're headed. The Sun is pretty interesting and important also because we live it in! Yes, we're constantly blasted by the "solar wind" which does all sorts of interesting things to our home, here on Earth, and it's very satisfying to help push forward our understanding of how the cosmos effects our lives. BUT, most of all, asking and - sometimes - answering questions about the Sun is really satisfying in and of itself.

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