Jeff Plescia
Research Scientist
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

As a research scientist at JPL, my time is spent between two major activities - research and flight project work.

My research interests includes martian volcanism, tectonism and general geology. I've long been interested in studying martian volcanism because there is such a diversity of structures and the scale of things is enormous. IÕve also studied graben and wrinkle ridges on Mars to understand how the crust has been deformed over time.

During the Voyager mission to the outer planets, I was heavily involved in the imaging experiment and studying the geology of the icy satellites of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. It was incredibly exciting seeing those pictures coming down from the spacecraft and knowing you were seeing scenes that no human had ever seen before. That same exciting experience was shared by most of the world in real time over the July 4 weekend with the landing of Pathfinder on Mars.

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