B a r b a r a  T h o m p s o n
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
March 9, 1999
Rockets Run on Email

    1:00 pm: The press conference is beginning! Several co-workers are on the television announcing some new work that has been done in solar physics. The press release takes an hour, and then they will be busy all afternoon with other interviews. My friend Sarah is one of the people cited in the press release. She used to work here at NASA and she moved to England in January to start a new job. I worked with Sarah a lot when she was here, and I still do work with her in England, but it's not as easy because we can't discuss things in person. She is very calm during the press release-sometimes all the television cameras and lights can make you nervous. Fortunately, Sarah is an expert on the subject and has been studying it for a long time.

2:00 pm: By coincidence, after I've sent off my review of another paper, I receive the review of one of my own papers! I begin adopting some of the suggestions of the reviewer. I sneak over to the cafeteria and get some lunch. I have already spent a lot of time in the morning on the phone and trying to work with people, so I decide I want to enjoy a quiet lunch! I eat in my office, looking over the paper and the review. I find an error the reviewer didn't find-I'm glad I caught it!

2:00 pm: They announce Goddard is closing because of snow! I need to get some data dropped off at another building in Goddard so they can process it. I hurry up and clean off my car and try to get the data to the other building before the people are gone, I thought I would be able to do this later in the day!

2:30 -4:30 pm: I begin revising some of the figures in my paper. Like all computers, I have several problems with mine and experience several program crashes while working on the figures. The window on my computer sometimes receives too much information at once and it quits on me, losing all the work I've done. Finally, I am able to finish some calculations and produce new figures. I then begin polishing the text.

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