"Reta's Notes From Clyde Tombaugh's Birthday"

Reta Beebe - March 19, 1996
New Mexico State University

    At 2:30 PM, February 23, 1996 Marc Buie, your Pluto scientist presented a colloquium (lecture or talk) at New Mexico State University to all of the astronomers. He talked about what he and his team had learned about Pluto by using the Hubble Space Telescope. Clyde Tombaugh attended the talk and discussed Pluto with Dr. Buie. Dr. Buie's talk was quite interesting and Dr. Tombaugh was delighted with how much the team had learned.

Following the colloquium, five students from University Hills (4 third graders: Carnellei Edaakie, Sunnerae Lucero, Mario Montes, and Kyle Clifford who recently studied the Solar System and had invited me to talk with them and a first grader, James Clifford) came to the university to present your birthday cards, the video greeting and T-shirts to Clyde Tombaugh. They did an excellent job, making sure that Clyde knew where each package of cards came from. Clifford and James are also Dr. Tombaugh's great grandsons. Kyle hopes to become an astronomer.

Clyde has been quite busy this month. He thanks you for the your cards and greetings and says that you make him believe his work was truly worthwhile.

Clyde has the following advice for students:

"REMEMBER THAT MOST THINGS THAT ARE WORTH DOING TAKE A LOT OF EFFORT. Arrange your schedule so that you have plenty of time for your work. Don't let things like radio or TV distract you when you are studying. Concentrate on your work and ENJOY it. I still do!"

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