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Welcome to My Life: Richard Glover

Hi everyone. My name is Richard Glover. I am a high school student working with Marc Buie. My Job is to assist in creating "pages" for the World Wide Web, as well as graphical information for Marc to use in talks, Web pages, etc. I work with Josh Andrews ( another high school student ) here at lowell observatory.

My Science teacher told me about this opportunity about five months ago. naturally I jumped at the chance to work at one of the most famous observatories in the world. I love to work with computers, and I have always been fascinated with Space, and astronomy. Untill I was about 6 years old I wanted more than anything to be an astronaut. Viewing the Challenger Disaster live on national TV will put a halt to dreams like that suprisingly fast .

Going to college is one of the foremost things on my mind right now. (freshmen in HS tend to get that way fairly quickly :-) ) This job provides a wonderful line of text on a college application. It also gives me a chance to learn things about the Universe I Inhabit, and meet interesting people (like you). I can think of no down side to my job, except that it can't last forever...

To prepare for a job like mine, a person has to have a love for computers, and a desire to know how everything works. If you have ever played a video game, and wondered how the lump of plastic sitting on the desk can make the alien spaceships on the screen, you can be a "programmer". I consider myself a computer programmer. I write lines of special "code" that computer programs like "Netscape Navigator"(r) can read, and interpret into the "Web Page" that you see on the screen when you use these programs. All of this knowledge that I gained over the years has helped me with this job.

My largest influence has probably been my father. He taught me almost everything I know about computers. I accredit my success with computers to him. I love (hate?) the machines. I hope one day to do something interesting with them. I would also like to thank Ms. Mellisa Byers, and Mr. Jim Ott from Kanab Elementary school, Mr. Russ Kasch from Marshall Elementary School, Ms. Dianne Sohm, and Mr. Donald Dugan from Flagstaff Middle School, Mr. Ken Harkey, Mr. David Brown, and Mr. John Padilla from Flagstaff High School. These wonderful people have been given the task of molding young minds, and, as far as I am concerned, have succeded immeasurably. These were my teachers. These people, among others, have taught me to love science, nature, people, and History. To these people I owe my eternal gratitude. In my opinion, teachers should be revered, (and paid more than they currently receive)

A little about myself. I am 15 years old, and a freshman at Flagstaff High School. I love computers, and I am currently working on a video game that some of you may one day play. I am an actor and I have done several plays. I am on the Flag High Speech and Debate Team. I compete in the Humorous interpretation competition. We are about to compete in a tournament in which the winners will go to the State Championship in Phoenix AZ. I am keeping my fingers crossed....

Also, I have my own Web site.

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