Bob Chapman

Dr. Bob Chapman is the AlliedSignal Technical Services Corporation (ATSC) Program Manager for the HST MOSES and FS&S Programs, both of which are with Lockheed-Martin as prime and the EDOS Program with TRW as prime.

Prior to coming to work at ATSC, I worked in three different types of jobs: I was at UCLA, I was a civil servant working for NASA, and I have worked for two different corporations. At UCLA, I taught astronomy classes and did research on the Sun and stars. At NASA I was a research scientist, continuing my studies of the Sun and other stars, and also managed groups of increasing size. I also worked in the White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy for almost two years during President Reagan's administration, helping define the Nation's space science policy.

I am the author of over 80 research papers and articles, and have written four books on astronomy. I am most proud of a pamplet I wrote in 1974 about comet Kohoutek, which won a prize as the best writing by a scientist for the general public.

I became interested in astronomy as a kid, and spent many evenings looking at the sky with my small telescope. I lived in Erie, Pennsylvania, where the skies were cloudy a lot, but still was able to do some observing. I wanted to major in astronomy in college, but went to Penn State, which did not have an astronomy department at the time. I majored in physics there, then went to Harvard and earned a doctorate in astronomy. I am glad I did this, because a physics degree is good preparation for any technical career.

When I went to work for industry as a manager, I gave up my astronomy research. I miss it sometimes. I still read everything I can on astronomy, and am writing another book on comets.

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