Catastrophic floods

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Now when you look around Yogi, you see a moat, in fact. There's this little area that's actually been hollowed out and that's consistent with the idea that late-stage flow from this flood deposit actually winnows out the finds around the big blocks, which can no longer be moved by the flood and creates a little moat around them. We saw that near Yogi and a few other rocks as well. And finally, when you look off beyond the ridge, that the Bookshelf is on in the Rock Garden, there's a depression that looks like a little channel. And if you keep going in that direction there is ridge and channel and ridge and channel and ridge and channel, and that looked very like what we see on the catastrophic flood deposits where late-stage drainage winnows out and creates smaller channels in this plain deposit, deposited by the material in which the finds are carried away in some channels and in other areas they are sort of kept by the larger rock distributions. So those all sort of fit together and imply deposition by this catastrophic flood.