Flat Top

Flat Top may contain a "dirt line" that marks where the soil used to be.

Joy Crisp video
Joy Crisp audio --

Flat Top would be an interesting one to look at in that, is this a flat top? And some of the lines you see along the face, could that be sediment or is that the way it broke off and maybe by taking a closer look at it we could figure that out? I'm still intrigued by the rocks BamBam, Janeway and Pebbles which have these rounded things in them; it almost looks like a bundle of grapes when you look at the texture. Getting a closer look at that we might determine if those really are conglomerate rocks.

Ron Greeley video
Ron Greeley audio --
Flat Top is a very interesting rock. It of course has a very flat surface on the top and it looks like it is covered with dust. But on the vertical face there is a distinctive line that can be traced horizontally. Below the line the rock has a higher reflectivity, it looks brighter. Above the line it's a little bit darker. In fact we see the same line at the same level above the surface on several surrounding rocks. I like to refer to that as the dirt line. I think that represents a former level of the soil and the soil has since been stripped away and the surface has been lowered probably by the wind. This is a reflection of what we think is a wind deflation surface at the landing site where the whole terrain has been lowered and stripped away and stripped away of soil by the wind.