Virtual Tour of Ares Vallis

Mars Header Rocks and Features
St - Stimpy | FT - Flat Top | Bs - Bookshelf area | TP - Twin Peaks | BB - Barnacle Bill |
R - Rover | So - Soufflé | Y - Yogi | SD - Scooby Doo | Sq - Squash |

Other Topics
Geologic story of landing site
What we really wanted
More andesites than we thought
Evidence of water
Catastrophic floods
Determining names for rocks
Windsocks and weather
What it would feel like to stand on Mars
Warm feet, cold head
The issue of past life on Mars
Working on the Pathfinder team
Mission overview

Special Notes
The information in this tour represented the current thinking as of early August 1997. Since then, in light of new data, theories may have evolved. For the latest theories, see the Pathfinder science pages.

The video/audio pages of this tour will require special software (RealAudio or RealPlayer) that is available for free downloading. The quality of the playback will be highly dependent on the performance of your computer and the speed of your network/modem connection. In many cases, older systems will be unable to support playback.