2nd-biggest meteorite from Mars found by JARE
Yomiuri Shimbun
The Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
March 9, 2002

A Japanese expedition team has found in the Antarctic what is believed to be the world's second-largest meteorite from Mars, the National Institute of Polar Research told The Yomiuri Shimbun on Saturday.

The finding will be officially reported at a conference on the research of moons and planets to open Monday in the United States.

The institute and the Laboratory for Earthquake Chemistry at Tokyo University's graduate school of science studied the meteorites and concluded two of them came from Mars, because they contain silicate crystals and some kinds of gasses not found in rocks and stones on Earth.

One of them weighs 13.7 kilograms and is considered the second-largest Martian meteorite found on Earth after one discovered in Zagami, Nigeria, in 1962, which weighs 18 kilograms, the scientists said.

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