Follow in Darwin’s footsteps, courtesy of Passport to Knowledge, to the heart of our planet's largest rainforest, guided by some of the world's leading biologists. Explore “the greatest expression of life” so far discovered in all the Universe, via a project that uses video, real-time interactions, the Internet and hands-on science activities—PASSPORT TO THE RAINFOREST.

What are rainforests, and why are they found where they are? Maps, graphics and animations set rainforests in a planetary perspective.
A gallery of images and information on the trees, plants, birds, animals and insects of the rainforest. A place to find out about indigenous peoples and issues we’ll encounter on this virtual expedition.
Meet researchers in the field and the multimedia production crew who use satellites and online connections to erase the miles between you and the rainforest. Biographies and Field Journals from scientists and special student correspondents take you “behind the screens.”
Send e-mail to the researchers and receive individual answers; collaborate with other students and fellow teachers, and post exemplary student work; participate in online discussions and The Great “Backyard Biodiversity” Survey.
A MultiMedia Guide to books, articles, videos, CD-ROMs and online resources, with mini-reviews from educators, and an index of all the images, video clips and sounds found on this site.
A special section for teachers and lifelong learners: register for the project; sample lesson plans and order the Teacher’s Guide and MultiMedia Kit; connect with online mentors and PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE Advocates; and link to an assessment site that provides a customized checklist of science standards your students can achieve through PASSPORT TO THE RAINFOREST.

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