Live From The Rainforest is a Passport to Knowledge project. Passport to Knowledge is supported, in part, by NSF (the National Science Foundation), NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and other public and private collaborators.

Live From The Rainforest is additionally made possible by the cooperation of the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP), a bi-national research effort of Brazil’s National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA) and the Smithsonian Institution (where it has become a critical component of the Institution’s Biodiversity Programs, administered by the National Museum of Natural History) and by the NASA Education Division and by NASA’s Mission to Planet Earth.

Additional collaborators include: NASA’s Remote Sensing Public Access Center, Mississippi State University, the Natural Partners Program (NMNH/SI) and NEON RIO (Brazil.)

Broadcast in Brazil is in association with TV Cultura, Sao Paulo, and TV Cultura, Amazonas (FUNTEC), and distribution through TV Educativa and TV Escola.

Geoffrey Haines-Stiles
Project Director

Erna Akuginow
Executive Producer and Executive in Charge

Instructional Materials Development Team

Eileen Bendixsen, Beers Street Middle School, Hazlet, NJ
Janet Cook, Sinclair Middle School, Englewood, CO
Joe Dolan, Table Mound Elementary, Dubuque, IA
Pat Haddon, Summit Middle School, Summit, NJ
Tim McCollum, Charleston Middle School, IL
Meredith Olson, Science Chair, Seattle Country Day School, WA
Floyd Sandford, Coe College, IA
Marty Stickle, Summit High School, Summit, NJ
Jim Wenzloff, Macomb ISD, Clinton Township, MI

Second Story
Website design and development

Online Hosting
Online hosting is provided by NASA’s Remote Sensing Public Access Center (RSPAC). RSPAC offers a variety of products and services to support and promote NASA’s Learning Technologies Project (LTP) and to inform the general public. Principal Web sites include NASA’s Observatorium and LTP . These sites provide images of Earth and space, articles on a wide variety of science topics, games that teach while they entertain, and resources for students and teachers.

The Live From The Rainforest mailing lists are supported by the mailing list package Majordomo, written by Brent Chapman, and the World Wide Web interface LWGate, created by David W. Baker.

Real Media and e-mail support
NASA Quest Project, LTP
Karen Traicoff
Alan Federman

Jayne Williams
PTK Education Coordinator

Eileen Bendixsen
Discuss-lfrf moderator

Janet Cook

Susan Hurstcalderone
“Backyard Biodiversity” debate-lfrf moderator

Video Production Team
George R. Beneman, II
James Christe
MSU TV Center (David Hutto, Executive Director)
Mike Godwin, Chief Engineer

Field Production Team
Brian Igelman
Scott Enlow
Ann Devereaux

NASA ACTS Satellite Team
Gregory Kubat, NASA LERC
John J. Diamond

Producers, Brazil
Flavio Somogyi
Dudu Continentino

On-air presenter
Camille McCue

1998 Millbrook School Peru Expedition Photographs
Michael J. Doolittle.
Many thanks to Mr. Doolittle for sharing his work. More photographs by him can be seen in the book, “BATS, BUGS, AND BIODIVERSITY, Adventures in the Amazonian Rain Forest,” published by Atheneam.

BDFFP images
Laurie Minor-Penland

“Tree” Illustration
Paul Kratter

Editorial Consultant
Carol Rocker

Student Correspondents
Summit High School, NJ
Millbrook School, NY

Special Thanks

Thomas Lovejoy, Counselor, The Smithsonian Institution INPA, Manaus, Brazil
Marsha Sitnik & Kim Nichols, SI Biodiversity Program
Claude Gascon and all members of the BDFF Project, Manaus
Susan Laurance & Bill Laurance
Heraldo Vasconcelos
Rita Mesquita
Richard Bierregarde
Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernadino
Eliane Ritta Honorato
Helen Ritta Honorato
Ariau Amazon Towers River Jungle Hotel
Luis Almeida
Jayth Chaves Filho
Cissy Anklam and Bill Burnette, Natural Partners Program, SI/NMNH
The United States Embassy, Brazil
Floyd Sandford, Coe College, IA
Frank Owens & Malcom Phelps, NASA Education
Nora Normandy, NASA Mission to Planet Earth
Jeff Rosendhal, NASA Office of Space Science
Mark Leon, NASA Learning Technologies Project
Robert A. Bauer, Adesh Singal & the ACTS program, NASA LERC
Tom Jedrey and the ACTS program, NASA/JPL-Caltech
Ramon de Paula, NASA HQ
Pete Ulrich, NASA HQ
Alan Nelson & Fritz Hasler, NASA GSFC
Children’s Environmental Trust International, Zeeland, MI

Uplink and broadcast support
Bruce Rinker and the Administration of the Millbrook School, Millbrook, NY
Iowa Public Television
Union Community Schools, Dysart, IA
Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, FL
Kealing Middle School, Austin, TX
NASA Classroom of the Future, WV
& the Electronic Classroom, Natural Partners Program
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution

Project Evaluation
Robert Spielvogel
Julie Thompson
Center for Children and Television, Education Development Center, Inc.