Rebroadcast of LIVE FROM THE RAINFOREST Programs

February, 2000 Education File Schedule - NASA TV
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Program 1 "Mission To Planet Earth"
February 4, 2000

Learn about the diversity of rainforests around our planet and their impact on how we live, no matter where that is. State-of-the-art visualizations demonstrate how ground truth and remote sensing combine to give the most current picture of a dynamic, living ecosystem. The program answers questions about rainforests: why are they located where they are and why are they important for our understanding of life on Earth? Join researchers and scientists in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, with interactions from New York, Texas and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Program 2 "Worlds Beneath the Canopy"
February 11, 2000

See intimate portraits of the plants, birds, insects and animals of the rainforest. Up at dawn, in search of howler monkeys, and late at night pursuing bats, meet the energetic young researchers who study life in these vibrant rainforests. NASA images demonstrate how satellite technology can assist nations in long-term monitoring and management of their rainforest resources. Interactions come from Brazil, West Virginia, Florida and Washington, D.C.

Program 3 "Connect Globally, Act Locally"
February 18, 2000

Rainforests can affect us no matter where we live. Learn how rainforest research illuminates our understanding of prairies, city back lots, pristine forest, and global climate change. See how the Internet and educational telecommunications can create new, ongoing collaborations between world-class researchers and secondary school students.

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