A l e x   K .

Yacumama Lodge,
Yarapa River, Peru

After spending one night in the Maria Antonia Hotel in Iquitos, we departed by boat at 8:40 on route to Yacumama Lodge on the Yarapa River. The lodge is approximately 180 kilometers upriver from the city of Iquitos. The boat ride gave me my first taste of the biodiversity of neotropical rainforests. I witnessed in plain sight a myriad of Turkey Vultures, Black Vultures, and Yellow Headed Caracara. The call of the Greater Kiskadee became quickly recognizable, and the flight of the several species of Terns became easily identifiable.

My first steps on undeveloped rainforest came during a pit stop at 11:35 during our boat trip. This gave me the opportunity to observe for the first time the first of the countless number of insect species in spitting distance.

As we continued our journey, I watched several Amazon Kingfishers diving for food along the shores as Egrets watched from their perch. Just before arrival at Yacumama Lodge, we passed a group of Amazon River Dolphins circling in the water. We arrived at 13:30 and became familiar with what was to become our home for the next four days.

—Alex K

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