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A report on the tropical dry forest:
The tropical dry forest looks nothing like I expected. So far we have seen nothing but dry land with tall grass and trees. The best species that I think we have encountered so far has been the white faced monkeys, also known as the organ-grinding monkey. We have also seen plenty of other monkey species, but to see the white faced monkeys in their natural habitat is different, because we always see then on T.V. as pets. Thus far we have also taken a walk on the beach looking for some leatherback turtles hatchlings. None to be seen, but we did encounter marine flat worms, black sea urchins, sea slugs, and many other kinds of marine life.

More soon...

—Brian D.

Tuesday, April 14
Overall this trip has been the experience of a lifetime. I’ve encountered several different species of both plants and animals, including a family of coatimundi, parrots, an olive ridley turtle skeleton and shell, howler monkeys, the black mangrove plant, strangler fig trees, gum trees, chichle trees, blue crowned mot-mot birds, turkey vultures, armadillo, ant lions, velvet ants—not to mention the many I can’t recall right now without my notes.

Today we had a great time, probably the most fun we had so far. We hiked three miles, mostly downhill, to a waterfall with a swimming hole at the bottom where we swam and dove into. The hike back was hard and hot, but well worth it. After our hike back from the waterfall we got on the bus drove down the road and walked 5 min. to another waterhole, which was better, the rocks that we jumped off of were higher. Tomorrow is our last real day of encountering nature, and I will keep you posted on what happens and what we see.

—Brian D.

Rainforest Reaction:
What I was really amazed to see was the two-toed sloth. It was so spectacular. I have always seen them on the National Geographic specials, but never in its natural habitat and so close. The moment that we saw the sloths will be a moment that will always stick out in my mind.

—Brian D.

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