M a r t y ’ s   J o u r n a l s


It’s Saturday morning, and everyone is out in the ocean. I’m sitting on the dining room terrace with my book and a cold drink and writing e-mails! We have an interesting day planned. Later, we’re going into the town of Tamarindo for an early lunch and then a boat tour of the estuary here. It’s a national park and we have a chance of seeing some good wildlife. It will be HOT though.

Tomorrow we’re leaving here at 5:00 am and going north to Santa Rosa and a long hike down the forest towards the coast through tropical moist forest. We have a good chance of seeing everything from tapirs to all kinds of monkeys. Actually we’ve seen monkeys on every bus trip. We’ve just not seen them out on the trail yet.

I’m expecting a good wildlife experience this afternoon on the estuary and it should get much better later in the trip, especially at Santa Rosa and Ricon volcano where there is moist forest. Will get more kids to write up reports then especially!

-Marty Stickle.

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