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This section puts a human face on cutting-edge research, to challenge and inspire new generations of scientific explorers. Rainforests are one of the great scientific frontiers on Earth: only in the last few decades have researchers found ways to study the canopy and its creatures in detail. And as in the underwater realms of deep-sea canyons and coral reefs, we realize that the more we discover, the more thereís left to understand. Itís this thrill of finding out new things about our world that motivates the men and women we meet on camera and online.

RESEARCH/ers houses Biographies and Field Journals from rainforest researchers who stay up all night to learn about bats, or rise at dawn to study dung-beetles. It ALSO PROVIDES ways to get to know those who work back in universities, making sense of field data, adding remote sensing images to detailed ground truth to see both the forest and the individual trees. Here you can read personal anecdotes revealing the excitement of discovery and stories of the unexpected twists which brought them to a career studying rainforests. Youíll meet Brazilian and North American scientists, and others from nations all across the globe.

RESEARCH/ers IS ALSO HOME TO Travel-Logs from the 1997-1998 Live From The Rainforest production crew, themselves exploring new frontiers in telecommunications and educational technology. Youíll find out what it takes to uplink video from one of the most difficult locations on Earth and to bring the rainforest home via the Internet. YOU CAN ALSO READ REPORTS FROM 2 teams of Student Correspondents, from schools in New York and New Jersey, WHO SENT back Journals and digital images from the Peruvian Amazon and Costa Rica.