Lost In The Forest: February 8, 1998

Everyone is disappointed, but Camp 41 and the field work done from there will still be featured in the TV programs and Web site. Stay tuned for the video reports that we are gathering now and again on our return next month. In the meantime, you can visit Camp 41 yourself by clicking here.

Around noon, our jeep is ready to leave camp. We’re surprised at how much we’ve already done! We have tape of Emilio, Ellen, and Marcela at work. We talked with each of them about their their work and how they ended up finding themselves here in the rainforest. It’s with some regret that we pack up to leave, but not before a couple of helpings of yet another great meal from the Camp 41 cooks. This is even better than our hotel!

On our way out of the rainforest preserve, we stop at a few of the other INPA research camps along the way: Colosso, Dimona, and Puerta Allegre. Like Camp 41, each of these sites are a base for important research. But like Camp 41, they are not logistically workable as locations for our live programs. So, we now head back to Manaus.

Tonight we sleep in the comfort of our Manaus hotel. Undoubtedly each of us, for at least one brief moment, thought that Manaus would make a GREAT television location. After all, there is air-conditioning here! “Live from Manaus”?! Maybe next year. (Dream on, Ann!)

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