PTK Goes To The Rainforest: February 7, 1998

Our trip to the restaurant serves another purpose, as well. Since we’d only arrived some hours before, this was our first real opportunity to see “Manausians” at their daily business. So, while watching the waiters make their rounds, we realize with relief that even the inhabitants here agree that IT IS HOT! The waiters are sweating as profusely as are we wimpy tourists! Somehow, this makes us feel better.

While at lunch with Claude and his family, he gives us tips on surviving the rainforest. “Not too many mosquitoes,” he says, “ but plenty of chiggers on the trails that love to chew on unprotected ankles.” His main tip: “ALWAYS watch where you put your hands and feet.” That innocent-looking tree-trunk or vine can hide a horde of angry ants and that patch of dead leaves can hide an equally irritable snake! He goes on to say that there are lots of things that sting and bite in the rainforest, but he didn’t have to convince us any more. It was clear that each of us quickly made a mental note not to touch ANYTHING we didn’t have to during our stay.

Lunch was fantastic, and good thing, since we are scheduled to leave for INPA’s Camp 41 that afternoon, doubtless for a diet of leaves and bugs. Certainly dirt! Our trusty Emamtur van would never make it all the way to the camp, so during a brief stop at INPA, we exchange the expansive comfort of the van for an extremely sturdy-looking, 4-wheel drive pickup that would have only needed “Jurassic Park” on the side to make it completely clear we were going into uncharted territory!

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