PTK Goes To Brazil: February 6, 1998

Packing for the trip is hard. The scouting trip to Brazil will include stays in both virgin rainforest and modern Manaus, so gear and clothing must be appropriate for both. It’s a titanic battle, trying to cover every possible need, while watching in dismay as the bags quickly fill up—computers, cameras, lighting gear, batteries, plastic bags, cords, cables, tapes and still more plastic bags (our Producer, Geoff says we’ll use every bag to protect our equipment and personal gear from the always present moisture and mold). And still no hiking boots and underwear are packed!! Last minute packing is done in the PTK production offices, so we’re packing for the tropics while enduring the blustery 30 degree temperatures of New Jersey. After all the preparations, we have to zip up the suitcases for the last time— no more chances for frantic last-minute additions. Anything that is missing will either have to be bought upon arrival in Manaus or done without.

Because of its isolated location in the heart of the Amazon basin, direct flights to Manaus from the United States are infrequent. Our crew finds itself on a flight leaving Miami at 9 pm, with arrival in Manaus scheduled for 3 am local time. Most flights leaving the United States for points south go through Miami International, so the airport is like a gigantic waiting room for travelers to South America. Despite the late hour, the plane is packed with families, mostly Brazilians on their way back home with an amazingly diverse set of purchases from the United States: along with televisions, cameras, and clothing, one family has a Tweety Bird the size of a St. Bernard. After already long trips to Miami from other parts of the country—New Jersey, California, Virginia, Ohio—we can’t appreciate the food, drinks, or excellent service of the airline. The almost five hour flight is over during the course of what seems like too short a nap.

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