C r i s t i n a ’ s   R e s e a r c h

Part of my field work has focused on fish migrations into and out of the floodplains along the Amazon river. This work has put me into contact with the immense diversity of fish and the impact of the seasonality of this region, where for months it rains a lot but for other months virtually no rain falls at all. Fish use many environmental cues to know when they should leave the floodplains for the river, and vice versa, and it is fascinating research.

My other field project involves a study of communities of fishes that live on the bottom of the Amazon river and its tributaries. We use nets to trawl the bottom of the rivers, in often remote and difficult-to-explore habitats. We have so far collected 360 species of fishes, many of them rare, and a handful of them previously undescribed in any scientific literature!

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