M e n t o r s    &    P T K    A d v o c a t e s

Below you will find a list of teachers who have experience applying this type of project for use in their classrooms. They have offered to help others make use of Live From The Rainforest. Please do not hesitate to write them with questions. Their experience may help your Live From The Rainforest adventure to be more successful.

If you are comfortable with using Live From The Rainforest in your classroom and would like to help other teachers do likewise, we would be delighted to include you on this list. Please send a note to Eileen Bendixsen with your specifics.

Name/Email Subject Area of Expertise
Lynn Hammonds

3rd Self contained classroom; emphasize math, reading, and science in the curriculum; CUSeeMe technology
Renee Crawley K - 2nd (multi-age class) computer/technology trainer/team teacher
Michael Crawley 1st (multi-age class) computer/technology trainer/team teacher
Marilyn Kennedy

4th Elementary teacher whose background had been language arts but became hooked on science through online collaborative projects. CU-SeeMe, integration across the curriculum, one classroom computer, student presentations
Rhonda Toon

looping 3rd (1996-97), 4th (1997-98), 5th (1998-99) class management with one computer, extension activities
Roger Stryker

5th Mac-centric, technology/multimedia(including CU-SeeMe), curriculum integration of electronic field trips, computer based technology in the classroom
Ginny Dexter

5th/6th science Publishing Student and Classroom Online, Examples. CU-SeeMe, one computer classroom, Integrating Live From...projects into the curriculum, experiencing science, every child a learner.
Laura Bashlor

6th science and technology web authoring, Internet in the classroom, graphics
Tim McCollum

7th & 8th one computer classroom, curriculum integration
Charlie Lindgren

8th earth and physical science NIH “IMaging” Software, teaching strategies, etc., for any of the units
Marge Freeman 8th astronomy and physical science planning across the curriculum, adapting programs to students with special needs
Janet K. Cook

high school 6th math and social studies/science one online computer in school and homeschooled; her children used PTK, no computers online at school, kids in same class for only six weeks at a time
Ruth Wahl

9th (and advanced 8th Regents (college-prep) earth science only one computer in classroom, especially good at integrating LFM into a high school classroom