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LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA was active during Winter-Spring 1994-1995

LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA integrates video, print, and online materials to provide a comprehensive and exciting interactive multimedia learning experience connecting students to Earth's most remote and mysterious continent.

Through LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA, students visit McMurdo Station, home of the US Antarctic program, the Dry Valleys, and America's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. They get a student's-eye view of astronomy at the very end of the world, see fish who live in sub-freezing waters, and spend time with the men and women who live and work in the most extreme conditions on Earth.

System Requirements
VIDEO: TV or VCR (four 60-minute programs, each $19.95 including S&H)
ONLINE: Internet access (viable via slow- or high-speed connections), e-mail or WWW
PRINT: Teacher's Guide, student worksheets, and NSF background: $10.00


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LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA is supported by NSF, NASA, public television, and other public and private collaborators.