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Dan Maas Animation
A RealPlayer animation of the launch, cruise, entry, descent, landing and exploration of the Martian surface of the Mars Exploration Rovers created by Dan Maas.

NASA Goes Back to the Future with Plans for a Mars Rover in 2003; Possible Second Rover Being Studied
The NASA press release announcing the Mars Exploration Rover mission.

NASA Plans to Send Rover Twins to Mars in 2003
The NASA press release announcing that they will send not one, but two rovers to Mars in 2003.

NASA Chooses Cornell to Lead Science Effort for Mars Exploration Mission in 2003
Press release that announces that Cornell will provide the scientific instruments and lead the science team for the Mars Exploration Rover mission.

Week Ending August 6, 2000
Journal thoughts of Steve Squyres, ATHENA Science Team Principal Investigator, on hearing that NASA has decided to fly the Athena payload on a rover that will be launched during the summer of 2003. Also read the rest of Steve's journals from the mission which chronicle the highs and lows of the mission.

NASA Facts: Mars Exploration Rover
NASA Fact sheet presented with announcement of Mars Exploration Rover mission.