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LIVE FROM MARS: Educators Classroom Connection

LIVE FROM MARS: Student Work

Immaculate Conception School
Sister Dianne Mollica
Students hammered their favorite rocks into bite-size bits for a chance to have them analyzed in the Nov. 13, 1997 live broadcast of "Today on Mars."

Charleston Middle School
Tim McCollum
Students map the topography of unknown surfaces in Activity 1.2.
The Tech Team at Charleston Middle School shares the site of its computer-controlled Lego Dacta rover, M.A.R.I.O. and a simulated Martian surface that bears a remarkable resemblance to the "real thing."
Tim McCollum's classes publish samples of student projects and pictures of various activities at their site!

Muncie Community Schools Planetarium
South View Elementary School
Kathy Lee
5th graders participating in LIVE FROM MARS activities at Muncie Community Schools Planetarium

Gates Intermediate School
Charles Lindgren
Students work on a new Robotics program.
Charlie Lindgren's Kids assemble their PET kits.
Charlie Lindgren's Kids do Activity 1.2: Mapping the Topography of Unknown Surfaces.
Charlie Lindgren's students build and launch rockets.
Charlie Lindgren's students working with NIH software and image processing and giving oral reports.
Charlie Lindgren's students work on Activity 2.2 Reading the Shapes of Volcanoes.
Charlie Lindgren's comments describing the experience.

JFK Middle School
Northampton, MA
Aimee Hall
Aimee Hall's class designs and builds Mars rover models.

Jeannie Fender
Jeannie Fender's Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Graders participate in LFM.
Adam from Mrs. Fender's 5th grade class tells us: How Mars Got Its Name
Jeannie Fender's Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Graders share their artwork

Tom Costello
Tom Costello's 8th-grade students show their life-size rover models along with a special friend.

Deer Park Middle Magnet
Rose Galitzer
Rose Galitzer's students participate in "Rover Races" as Channel 2 news looks on.

Hydesville School
Ginny Dexter
Ginny Dexter's class at Hydesville School doing a bunch of the Live from Mars Activities.

Don Jacob
Don Jacob's students show some pictures of their models of the Mars Rover.

Longfellow Elementary School
Derrick Jamerson
Derrick Jamerson's students complete Activity A.1.

Shasta High School
Brian Grigsby
Brian Grigsby's students appear in a newspaper article before the LFM broadcast.

John Wayland Elementary
Marilyn Wall
Marilyn Wall's class launches balloon rockets as described in Activity 1.1A.
Marilyn Wall's students participate in a CUSeeMe session.
Marilyn Wall's students display their artwork.

Chris Rowan
Chris Rowan's students doing the Balloon Rocket Activity (1.1A).
Chris Rowan's class at work.
Chris Rowan's class works on Crater Formation Activity.
Chris Rowan's students showcase their LFM folders
Chris Rowan's class shares its journal entries.
Chris Rowan's students share their artwork.

Cedarwood Elementary School
Fran O'Rourke
Fran O'Rourke's class makes Martian driver licenses and more.
Fran O'Rourke and her students see the Pathfinder launch

Taylor Road Middle School
Charlotte Steven
Charlotte Steven's students working on various activities while we studied Mars.

Dzantik' I Heeni Middle School
Pam WellsPeters
Pam Wells Peters' two students share their Mars Mission-related project on their Web site.

McNair Magnet School
Mike Deane
Mike Deane and 6 middle school students present at MGS launching, filming "COUNTDOWN" video

Lake Hazel Middle School
Rose Mary Jacobsen
Rose Mary Jacobsen's English students make posters for Mars Night

Mrs. Gast
Mrs. Gast's 6th grade English class share some original poetry.

Mr. Yob
Mr. Yob's 3rd grade students share their artwork about Mars.

Frost School
Rose Combs
Rose Combs' third grade student describes his LFM project

Christopher Samonek shares some thoughts on Mars.

Third Grader: Katie Herleman shares the experience of viewing the Mars Pathfinder lift-off.

Second grade class in Solana Beach, CA submit a description of Mars.

Julie Paddock's Young Astronauts - share Mars artwork

Students write poetry about Mars

Homeschooler, Megan Gilliland, writes a review about Live from Mars

Kayleign Bruns speculates about Mars life.

Stephanie Wong's unbelievable days on Mars.