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Mario Garcia Biography

Name: Maria Garica

Position: Crew Chief

Mario Garcia is a crew chief for NASA. His job is to prepare airplanes for flight and make sure that they are flight worthy. Mario has worked in the hanger as a crew chief for the past twenty-one years and has enjoyed every minute of it.

One of the parts of a crew chief's job is to travel as a part of the flight crew with the plane and to be able to give mechanical support for the plane no matter where it flies to. Due to this, Mario has had the chance to travel all over the world. He loves to experience new places that his job leads him to.

Before becoming a crew chief, Mario worked in one of NASA's wind tunnels for six months testing different planes and their designs to achieve the best aerodynamic design possible.

He realized that the Marine Corps was really where he wanted to be. During his four years with the Marines, Mario did most of his mechanical work on helicopters. This is where he received all of the training that he utilizes in his job today.

A daughter, Melinda, is Mario's only family. She is nineteen and attending college in Lancaster, CA. Melinda is studying to become a college psychiatrist.

To anyone interested in his field, Mario simply gives the advice of sticking with it. "If you like it, keep working hard until you get it", he said.

This was written by Jeff Walling, currently a senior at Bear Creek High School in Stockton, CA.

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