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N E W S L E T T E R    # 2                     O C T O B E R  2, 1 9 9 5

** Exploring Space and Cyberspace **

Climb aboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, and PLEASE bring your students along. We are getting ready for a very unusual journey. A journey through the the atmosphere where we will join with other people who search the universe looking for answers to some of the earth's most perplexing puzzles.

This travel takes place on-air, online and in classrooms. Here is what is happening this week ---

                           |ELECOMPUTING, &

               ---====|   T E L E V I S I O N    |=====---

"Science in the Stratosphere" (aired on Sept. 19 on many PBS stations) is still being re-broadcast on NASA TV (check schedule for times). Patty Miller, Hawaii's award-winning KidScience distance learning educator demonstrated some of the hands-on activities from the Teacher Guide for Live from the Stratosphere.

====>>> T H I S    W E E K:
                     | /--------------------\ |
                     | |   "Pre-Flight      | |
 OCTOBER 5TH         | |     Briefing       | |
                     | |      on the        | |
                     | |  Kuiper Airborne   | |
                     | |   Observatory"     | |       OCTOBER 5TH
                     | \-------------------/  |
                     |  * * ....         0 0  |

Teacher April Whitt is getting ready to take all of us on a tour of the Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO), a four engine long-range jet transport. We will get a chance to look around inside and out. We will meet Allan Meyer, flight planner and astronomer who will describe where the KAO will fly to make its observations, and how students can plot its path.

Find out how the telescope is mounted, and how it operates looking out of its port on the left side of the fuselage, just in front of the wing. How do you think the telescope is kept from moving off target? How are mirrors involved in moving the beam from the outside to inside of the aircraft? How big is the "eye" or lens?

The program will air live from noon-1:00pm Eastern on October 5th. Check local listings to see if your local PBS station will be carrying the program and at what time.

The schedule for NASA TV is in flux due to the delayed launch of Space Shuttle mission STS-73. If the mission launches at 8:40 CDT, 10/5 as presently planned, Live From the Stratosphere is in turn scheduled for a 7pm Eastern playback. Changes in the Shuttle launch may effect this schedule. Check online for the latest information.

NEWS ABOUT ORDERING the Live From the Stratosphere VIDEOTAPES!

The programs will be available shortly (within a 3-5 days) after the live broadcast schedule from:

        NASA CORE,  Lorain County JVS
        15181 Route 58 South, Oberlin, OH 44074
        Phone: 216-774-1051,ext 293 or 294;  Fax: 216-774-2144

           ---====|   T E L E C O M P U T I N G   |=====---

Another way to tour the Kuiper Airborne Observatory is to take your students on a WEB tour on the Internet. A full color floor plan, photographs and digital voice combine to create a virtual tour of the aircraft and telescope at your convenience --


Look in the section called "About the KAO" under "Virtual Tour".

===>> Join in one of our Webchats

Participants connect with each other on our Web page. During the days, students discuss their preflight plans with each other. At night, teachers are communicating with each other and with KAO Telescope Tracker Allan Meyer.

===>>> Field Journals for Juniors ****NEW FEATURE*****

Field Journals are a regular feature of PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE Electronic field trips. These journals introduce students to the human dimensions of doing science. In feedback from Live from Antarctica, some of our youngest viewers asked for journals that were easier for them to understand. This year we are creating a new feature: Field Journals for Elementary Students. The first postings will begin the week of October 1.

Next week: asking questions of KAO researchers

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                ---====|    T E A C H E R S      |=====---

+++ TEACHER FORUM discuss-lfs OPENED September 18th!

More than forty educators from around the United States have "lifted off" into a lively discussion focusing on integrating the Live From the Stratosphere electronic field trip into the classroom. The forum opened September 18th with a welcome message from moderator, Jan Wee, Passport to Knowledge Online Support team member. Everyone was invited to introduces themselves and share their lesson plan ideas, useful resources, and concerns and experiences. Some of the members of the LFS group who posted their introductions or shared experiences this past week include:

Some topics of discussion have focused on the use of the WEB CHAT, CuSeeMe software, use of the spectral analysis kit included in the Teacher's Kit, favorite astronomy-related WEB sites, introducing the KAO virtual tour to students. Teachers are already scheduling meetings on our LFS Web Chat site and classrooms are meeting one another virtually in cyberspace. Sounds like they are having lots of fun!

If you would like to join this lively forum for sharing LFS integration plans and meeting educators with common interests and concerns, join discuss-lfs today!

        1. Send an email message    To:   
        2. Leave the subject blank. From:
        3. In the message body:              subscribe discuss-lfs

You will then receive information via email about this mail list and a welcome message.

PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE includes classroom materials that are closely integrated with onair and online presentations. The Live from the Stratosphere Teacher's Guide and "Mini-kit" features hands-on activities that are designed to accompany the first two programs in this Passport to Knowledge. (Descriptions of these activities and student activity sheets can be found in the Teacher's Guide and in the Online guide at our web site.)


These classroom activities help students actively participate in Program 1: "Science in the Stratosphere."

    The Electromagnectic Sprectrum       Exploring the Spectrum
    Absorption and Reflection            Heat Sensitive Paper
    "Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star"      Sky Glow
    Addresses in the Sky                 The Milky Way & Horizon Mask

These classroom activities help students actively participate in Program 2: The Pre-flight Briefing and might be done either before or after the broadcast on Thursday.

Welcome Aboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO)

    Inside the KAO                       The KAO Telescope
    Measuring Elevation

And this activity prepares students for Program 3:The Jupiter Mission

             Planning the Jupiter Mission

Now is the time to for students and teachers to do Opening Activity One!

               ---====| T O    R E G I S T E R   |=====---

There is no cost to participate in LIVE FROM THE STRATOSPHERE. It is funded in part, by the Information Infrastructure and Technology Applications program of NASA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications, the NASA Astrophysics Division, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Education, and PBS K-12 Learning Services. It is also supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation.

Live From the Stratosphere is a Passport to Knowledge project. The video programs are a co-production of GEOFF HAINES-STILES PRODUCTIONS and MARYLAND PUBLIC TELEVISION. "Night Flight to the Stars" is co-presented by WNET/New York.

To register, receive the printed Teacher's Guide, other NASA materials on astronomy, an original color poster, and to cover postage, please send $10.00 to:

                      LIVE FROM THE STRATOSPHERE
                            P.O. Box 1502
                     Summit, New Jersey  07902-1502


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